Driving with your pets can be tricky.  Driver distraction caused by pets moving around, jumping, or hanging too far out the window is a challenge we've all faced.  But extra harnesses and complicated devices are clumsy and not always with you...

Introducing Leash Lock

Turn your leash into a safety belt for your pet!

Patent pending design from an engineering team that loves their dogs, and their cars.  We live in NY, so we drive a lot.  And we're busy, so we demand simple solutions.

LeashLock easily hooks onto any flat leash and clicks into the seatbelt receptacle of any car or truck.  Its light-weight stainless steel design allows you to leave the LeashLock on your leash; it won't move, break, or rust.  You won't even notice it's there when you're going for walks or playing; but it can also be removed in one easy step. 

Whenever your pet travels in the car, LeashLock is there.  No special harness, no fuss, no muss.  Keep the leash on, click in LeashLock, and enjoy distraction free driving.  Keeping you, your pet, and your passengers safe and sound.

LeashLock is 100% made in the USA

  • Fits all cars & trucks
  • Fits all flat leashes
  • Stops driver distractions
  • Keeps pets and passengers safe

Backed by our 100% you'll love it guarantee.  Seriously: you'll love it, or we'll send your money back.  No questions asked.


$5.99 $6.99

Midnight Black

$9.58 $11.99