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UTVs, Heavy Equipment, and more


Will it fit my vehicle?

We've engineered and thoroughly tested Tikit for every make and model on the market today.  It will work perfectly.  And if it doesn't, we stand behind our commitment with a 100% money back guarantee.

How quick can I get it?

We ship from NY, so it's usually just 2-5 business days if you live in the US.  If you need it tomorrow, email and we'll make it happen.

Wait, what does this do?

Simply click Tikit into your seat belt receptacle and your vehicle's seat belt alarm lights and sounds will stop. It's just like clicking your actual seat belt.  Installs and removes just as quick.

Permanently disabling the seat belt alarm can be unsafe.  This product should be used with heavy objects on the passenger seat, you've installed a car harness, or you're safely driving in conditions where a seat belt is unneeded or unsafe.

Our users include delivery drivers, ranchers, farmers, law enforcement, first responders, dog owners, drifters, racers, car dealerships, and so many more.

No Alarms. Happy Passengers.

Quiet Hunting. Happy Hunting.