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"Works great - quick delivery. Changed my life. No more bing-bing-bing"


"Greatest product ever invented, my backpack would set off my passenger seat sensor and the seatbelt alarm would constantly go off while I was driving, now I don’t have to bother messing with the seat belt. Plus they look great and can open pop bottles (wink wink). I also do a lot of farm work which consists of driving through fields and getting in/out constant, no more stupid dinging sounds."


"Pretty cool. So far I’ve had these in a 2007 Cobalt, 2009 Explorer, 2010 Flex, 2016 Taurus, and a 2019 Grand Cherokee. It fit perfect in all of them."


"Works like a charm. This clip is perfect for ANY seatbelt. I've tried it on many cars and car brands and I recommend it."