About Us

Mike and Scooter of The Tikit

The Tikit LLC is family owned and operated.  I have a large labradoodle that often rides shotgun with me.  My brother has two kids.  Their full complement of gear often rides shotgun with him.  When I first spoke to my brother about the idea for a product to silence the constant alarm ringing that comes with heavy objects in the passenger seat he thought it was brilliant.  The Tikit LLC was born.

We hunted down as many makes and models of cars and trucks that we could find and measured their seatbelt clips.  With the dimensions and variances in hand, we 3D printed a few designs to try.  After some refinement, and the addition of a bottle opener we found a manufacturer in the USA that could produce these in solid steel with a variety of finishes that would stand up to the abuse this product will take.

Today we’ve sold Tikit online to thousands of satisfied customers all over the country.  EMTs, ranchers, hunters, car dealers, off-roaders, and police officers. We're family owned, American made, and on a mission to bring quality products to hardworking people all across the United States. 

- Mike, Owner, The Tikit LLC